Why learn with us?

All levels

12 courses that cover needs for all levels, and make learning possible for students with no previous knowledge as well as for those students with higher levels.


Our unique syllabus was designed to meet real communication needs for both global and specific purposes (healthcare, business, and tourism).


More than 350 lessons and 165 videos provide detailed grammar explanations as well as practice opportunities.

  • Professional

    A multidisciplinary team, committed to providing high standar teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

  • Solid background

    A masterpiece based on solid research and experience in second language acquisition.

  • Global

    Learn regional varieties from all over the Spanish speaking world.

Language and beyond

What else?

  • Ideal for those who prefer to decide when to learn and the amount of time to spend on study, according to their ability, level or needs.

  • Our students have access to a community for members only, where they can have voice calls, chat, enjoy extra content, share stuff, and play games.

  • Friendly support and asynchronous tutor service offered.

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